Welcome To The Regina Project

Welcome to the Regina Project II. We started out in the late 1990s as the Regina Project (we originated in Regina, SK, Canada). We have lost some team members along the way — rest in peace Ariel and Peter, get well soon Robert, and we hope you’re enjoying fatherhood Ingo! — but we’re still here, writing code for the discriminating, frugal, user. Our “business model” is founded upon a social movement approach, rather than business as usual — our goal is to be as helpful as possible to our target audience: social service agencies.

We write code in the public interest – it’s Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) designed to run on FOSS applications, specifically Linux-Apache-Perl-Postgres (LAPP). In English our code is free. We release under the GNU General Public License which allows anyone to use, modify and redistribute our applications as long as the copyright information is preserved. See the COPYING file in the download archive for more information.

The majority of our large packages are built for health care providers, specifically psychiatric social workers, housing providers, and substance abuse treatment providers. However, we also will be posting code snippets we find useful: SQL queries, bash shell scripts and various system administration utilities.

While we do not charge for our software and will provide basic email support for free we are also available to assist providers who need more help. Our for fee services include installation and configuration of a package (usually on a webhosted environment like linode.com or a private server with remote access), and customization including modifications and custom development. We are expert in implementation and can provide assistance in rollout and subsequent technical support. If you live in the New York City area we can also arrange in person staff training sessions.

In the near future we will be posting links to our various software packages including the new version of our flagship app, SQL Clinic, which has been in use at several large social service agencies for the past 15 years. If you would like to test drive Version 5 of SQL Clinic send a request to regina.project.contact at gmail.com. We will also be posting links to download Open Door, a clinical charting software designed for use by Opioid Treatment Centers, currently being rolled out in several NYC clinics.

We hope this site will provide us with the opportunity to be useful human beings. On behalf of the SQL Clinic Development Team and the Regina Project, thanks for stopping by.

Thomas Altfather Good, NYC

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